15 Secrets to Happiness and Success

Publisher: Balboa Press

Total Pages: 146

So, don't try to wing it because doing anything without a plan can lead to failures and unintended consequences. As you think of what must be done each day to achieve your goals, planning will enhance your results and help you to decide ...

Secrets of the South Mysteries 4-in-1

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Total Pages: 1389

Why would somebody planning to kill himself bother to wear gloves? ... But there were no appointments on either his office calendar or his day planner at home. I checked into this—Paul Dean was meticulous about writing appointments down ...

Secrets To Die For

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

Total Pages: 292

Then she came across a small book that turned out to be Ellie's daily planner for the entire year. Her heartbeat quickening, she opened the book and perused the pages. Since the year began only a month ago, the entries were few.

The Secrets of Seduction

Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox

Total Pages:

The other candidates had carried leather briefcases, most of them holding an elaborate day planner in their arms. They'd all looked professional and amazing! Sloane felt and looked like a candidate for...nothing.

Deadly Secrets

Publisher: H.R. Kemp

Total Pages: 442

She activated her screen saver, grabbed her daily planner and walked briskly down the corridor. A burst of laughter and excited chatter greeted her as she rounded the corner. She cursed for not checking the room was clear first then ...

The Surgeon's Secrets

Publisher: Blessings For All SC

Total Pages: 98

I nodded, nervously. “Well, let me hear it and we'll go from there.” “Alright.” She pulled out her day planner where she had some notes jotted down. After scanning the notes she looked up at me. “Okay, so here's the deal.

The Secrets of Getting Rich

Publisher: Humanix Books

Total Pages:

“I think over time planners are going to start using it as a planning tool,” he says. ... In short, they try to make too many decisions in a short period of time — even in a single day — and wind up making poor choices.