Essential Pranayama

Essential Pranayama

Increase energy, relieve stress, find balance--yogic breathing for every level Pranayama, translated as the extension of one's life force, can help you improve focus, relieve stress, and deepen your yoga practice--simply through breathing. Essential Pranayama offers clear, approachable breath techniques and exercises for all levels of practitioner. Whether you're experienced with yoga and breathwork or just beginning to explore, this guide will help you quickly feel the benefits of pranayama techniques. Discover both the modern scientific perspectives and the traditional wisdom around the effects of pranayama on the body and mind. Learn the building blocks of the techniques and find out how to sequence them to address your specific needs. You can use the short practices during a brief quiet moment in your day--or expand your yoga and meditation routines with longer combinations. Essential Pranayama includes: 60 breathing exercises--These individual techniques and sequences have the power to energize, calm, improve digestion, cool your body, and much more. Simple and concise--Each technique can be performed in 15 minutes or less, making it easy to fold pranayama methods into your daily habits. Practical--Optimize your experience with tips for arranging your physical space, using equipment, and keeping your practice comfortable. Unlock greater peace and wellness with the simple techniques of Essential Pranayama.

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