Good Fortune's Curse

Good Fortune's Curse

Dr. Bill Stuart has spent his life trying to find a cure for the aging process. In his seventh decade, he develops a drug that reverses aging in rats but gives them cancer. When his partner injects himself, it kills him. The police accuse Bill of causing his friends death. He injects himself in an attempt at suicide. Instead of dying, he suffers agonizing pain and collapses. He awakes two weeks later in the hospital burn unit. His body has gone through a metamorphosis, and he appears to be a young man. No one knows who he is, and he cannot divulge his identity because the police want to arrest him regarding the death of his partner. He flees from the police and from brutal men who know who he is and want to steal the formula of the drug.

Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date
ISBN 1543433146
Pages 252 pages
Rating 4/5 (42 users)

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