My Sensory Book

My Sensory Book

My Sensory Book: Working Together to Explore Sensory Issues and the Big Feelings They Can Cause: A Workbook for Parents, Professionals, and Children. Children struggling with sensory integration issues have limited, sometimes even no, ability to do anything else. My Sensory Book: The More I Know About My World, The Better I Will Feel is a workbook designed to assist children with establishing a clearer understanding of their sensory systems and the impact sensory input may have on their emotions. The book provides clear descriptions and specific information about sensory systems and illustrates the link that can exist between sensory input and emotions.This relationship can be useful in children and adults establishing and understanding the triggers for their strong emotions, which helps make it easier to put strategies in place that may mitigate these feelings and ultimately help them cope more effectively with the world around them. The workbook includes activity opportunities for self exploration in the areas of sensory systems, arousal levels, and emotions and walks children (and their adults) through determining a personal plan for difficult situations.

Publisher AAPC Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 9781934575215
Pages 220 pages
Rating 4/5 (16 users)

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