Sanjay's Story

Sanjay's Story

It's New Year's Eve and Sanjay can't wait to go and have a laugh with his mates. But after vandals attack his parents' restaurants, laughing is the last thing he feels like doing...Join Kai, Lena, Chelsea, and Sanjay as they struggle with friendship, family and growing up. Welcome to The Street! Bloomsbury High Low books encourage and support reading practice by providing gripping, age-appropriate stories for struggling and reluctant readers, those with dyslexia, or those with English as an additional language. Printed on tinted paper and with a dyslexia friendly font, The Street is aimed at readers aged 12+ and has a manageable length (80 pages) and reading age (9+). This collection of stories can be read in any order. Book band: Brown

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1472934806
Pages 96 pages
Rating 4/5 (02 users)

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