The Journey

The Journey

As a cabin awaits its form and purpose, an elk seeks comfort in the tall grass, and a man ventures into the woods with his ax. His goal is to find logs that will help him build the walls, floor, and roof of his new home. At the end of the day, he returns to his wagon, his family, and his dreams. As he labors day after day, finally the cabin becomes a reality. He and his family have completed their journey toward a new life--and home. With his dream now fulfilled, Anviel welcomes his wife, Lakina, and their children, Svend and Astrid, to the cabin to laugh, cry, sing, dance, pray, and give thanks for the bounty given to them. As the family ekes out an existence in the serene valley they share with an owl--whose voice haunts Anviel--despair and tribulation eventually visit. Still, the family endures year after year. The children come of age and Anviel works hard to make ends meet--until the owl calls his wife's name, leaving Anviel left wondering when his own time will come. In this poignant tale, an immigrant family embarks on a journey toward a new beginning where a lonely cabin beckons hope for the future and renews their spirit as life comes full circle.

Publisher Archway Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1480808369
Pages 54 pages
Rating 4/5 (62 users)

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