The Women's Wheel of Life

The Women's Wheel of Life

"Maiden, Mother, or Crone--where does a woman in her midlife years fit in? Thirteen powerful archetypes for your whole lifecycle. Women who have turned to feminist spirituality for appreciation of women's ways of knowing will revel in the thirteen empowering archetypes presented in this book. From Daughter to Blood Sister, Mother to Amazon, Sorceress to Crone, this groundbreaking work reveals the grand pattern of women's lives, rich and complex, beautiful and mysterious. Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard, licensed midwives with sixty-five years combined experience as health care providers and healer, developed the Wheel as a synthesis of their work in women's health, spirituality and psychology. The women's wheel of life draws on more than a hundred interviews with women of all ages who have found the Wheel to be an inspiring and revolutionary path for more powerful living"--Back cover.

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ISBN 9780615394688
Pages 242 pages
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